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Introducing the Agency 6 Tree Strap, meticulously crafted in the USA for unparalleled durability and performance. Measuring 3 inches by 8 feet, this strap is designed with ultra-low stretch polyester to ensure minimal energy storage and maximum safety. Ideal for use with recovery winches, it offers a secure attachment to trees and vehicles, making it an essential tool for off-road enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The flat design of the Agency 6 Tree Strap prevents rolling and twisting, providing a stable and reliable connection to tubular shapes like bumper stingers, steering components, and other bars. Engineered to maintain necessary webbing overlap and stitch count for rated loads, this strap ensures secure and efficient recovery operations. Trust the Agency 6 Tree Strap for all your recovery needs, proudly made in the USA to deliver dependable performance in every situation.

  • Heavy duty 2 ply Polyester webbing
  • Overall length of 8 feet x 3 inch width
  • Weight : 3.75 lbs
  • Removable protective Cordura Chafe Sleeve from eye to body.
  • Working Load Limits - straight (9,300lbs) basket (18,600lbs) and choker(7,440lbs) configurations.